Dearborn Scholars Eps. 1: Prof. Ronald Stockton [Video/Podcast]

Dearborn Scholars is a series of Live Broadcasts and Podcasts by Dearborn Blog under the Open Discussions program hosted by Wissam Charafedine ( The first episode was broadcast on March 10, 2021.

The program consists of episodes and each episode is an interview with one of the scholars from Dearborn, that is professors, teachers, religious scholars, authors, scientists, etc…

The format will be made up of three parts:

Part 1: Talking briefly about the bio of the guest. (20 minutes)

Part 2: A set of philosophical, political, and existential questions. (20 minutes)

Part 3: Open forum with audience. (20 minutes)

The program is live on the second Wednesday of each month.

The platform will be Streamyard. It will be broadcast live on 3 Channels:

  1. Dearborn Blog Facebook (
  2. Dearborn Open Mic Group (
  3. Dearborn Blog Youtube (

Then the Podcast will be available on the Dearborn Blog Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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