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Dearborn Muslims Approach Summer with High Spirits and a Renewed State of Being

Most Dearborn schools have been out for about a week and some college spring classes have come to a close. The city celebrated the end of the Holy month of Ramadan and celebrated Eid Al-Fitr on Saturday for some and Sunday for others.

The Hour Scoop: A Breakdown Of Dearborn’s ‘Arabic Time’

“Er-a-beek time. ER-A-BEEK time! ER-A-BEEK ER-A-BEEK ER-A-BEEK Time!” Dearborners of the 90’s will recall this funny little tune from the evening lineup of the Arabic television station “Sada El Arab”, which was, until the advent of Internet and satellite TV, Dearborn’s only link to the Arab world. But Arabic Time isn’t just a childhood memory; ...

The WAILI Scoop: How To Fit In At A Dearborn Funeral

Some day, my dear outsiders, you may have to pay your respects to Dearborn’s deceased. Dearborners are very dutiful in paying respects. Some can be so dutiful that it becomes a regular part of their Sunday afternoons. But it’s inspiring to see that this community has held on to that basic tenet of mutual respect. ...