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GenEd: The Roads Not Taken

For the most part, educational common sense in our Dearborn community dictates the following: if you want to be successful in this world, become a doctor. Doctors make money, retain job security, and hold a title of prestige within the community. If you can’t become a doctor, then a lawyer or pharmacist will suffice. We’ll ...

GenEd: All Testing Left Behind

Testing, not kids, is what's failing across America.

GenEd: Kill the Mockingbird, Already!

It’s time to shelve this nostalgic and dated gem.

Two Dearborn students will be national teen advisors to the Smithsonian

A message from Kim Silarsk, Communications Manager at Arab American National Museum: ARAB AMERICAN MUSEUM RECRUITS FOR SMITHSONIAN YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL   Two Dearborn students will be national teen advisors to the Smithsonian   Dearborn, Mich. (Sept. 28, 2017) – The Arab American National Museum – an Affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. ...

Pride, Tradition, Legacy: Fordson High School, A Microcosm of Arab-American Diaspora (1/2)

There was the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is not so much an expose, as it is a meditation on what I now consider a unique experience that I could have only received at Fordson.

The Ugly Cousin Scoop: “Dear Dearborn Heights…”

They say sarcasm is anger’s ugly cousin. And cheating’s ugly cousin is flirting, or so I’ve heard. Well, Dearborn has an ugly cousin too. About as ugly as a festering boil on the red side of a baboon’s ass. Well, maybe not THAT ugly. But certainly that inflamed. Fellow outsiders, I introduce to you: the ...

The Solemn Scoop: A Memorial To Shocking Dearborn Tragedies

No community is without its tragedies. Some remain contained within the family; some consume the town; and others rattle the nation. A select few go on to enter the national psyche, retaining their names after the incidents’ locations (such as “Columbine”, “Oklahoma City”, and “Newtown, Connecticut”). This week, services are held in memory of Ali ...